OCTAVE Institute SG

Octave Institute (Singapore) is a Premier Global Institute in Business and Organization Transformation.

What We Do.

OCTAVE Institute SG offers a wide spectrum of customised organisational development programmes, ready-to-go leadership training workshops and we have the resources to curate the right solutions to achieve your business aspirations.

Awaken & Choose

Introductory programmes:
1-hour engagements to build inspiration.

Align & Collaborate

Exposure programmes:
2-day workshops to cultivate collaboration.

Create & Reset

Immersion Programmes:
2-week programmes to ignite transformation.

Flourish & Purpose

Consultancy & Coaching:
Fully customisable and tailored to your needs.

Our Focus Areas.

We are at a defining point in human and business development.

Humanity is facing challenges on a scale never seen before. It is a challenge of sustainability and the crisis we are facing today is not one of economics, but a crisis of consciousness.

This is the era of well-being, an urgent call for a consciousness shift. In this era, quantum science will power a new way of life, one that is wholistic and authentic.

At OCTAVE Institute, we respond to the needs of this paradigm shift through an evolutionary approach, Quantum Leadership, and Organisational Development, for Well-Being and Flourishing.

This will be a journey of awakening to one’s filters of seeing reality, aligning to wholism, collaborating authentically, co-creating naturally, and living a life of well-being and flourishing.

Quantum Leadership.

Quantum Leadership is about elevating your consciousness as the most powerful way for unlocking your leadership potential to drive creativity and innovation.

Consciousness can now be regarded as the ultimate form of business capital.

Our programmes are designed to develop Quantum Leaders, whom are fundamentally servant leaders.

Quantum Leadership

The journey to higher consciousness changes people at a deep intuitive level, combining embodied experience with analytic-cognitive skill development. The Quantum Leadership programme shows how leaders who pursue this journey are more likely to flourish with significant benefits to both business and society.


The Ontological Gap

Creativity and innovation are best nurtured at “the edge of chaos” and breaking through the Ontological Gap requires a shift in consciousness. This means we need to learn how to work with and thrive in these times of growing uncertainty and instability.


Our Team

Dr Kenneth Tan

Deputy Executive Director

Chew Ee-Ke

Head, Learning and Organisation Development

Bernard Lim

Head, Research and Impact

Joanne Teh

Head, Coaching Practice

Chason Yu

Lead, Programme and Planning

Rebecca Ng

Executive, Admin

Elaine Wu

Learning & Development

Keng Loong

Organisational Coach

Charissa Chew

Organisational Coach

Stanley Lim

Lead Practitioner

Du Yang

Senior Consultant

Sam Chau

Digital Architect

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